Have 5 Minutes? You Can Practice Critical Thinking.

Confession: I’m an avid list maker. I’ve even been known to add “shower” or “eat lunch” on my to-do lists when they start getting overwhelming. I feel better – more productive- when I get to cross tasks off my list. To my surprise, I’m not alone. I feel like every time I share my secret others admit they do some variation of the same thing.

If you’re busy and your to-do list seems to go on forever you may not think you have the time to improve your critical thinking skills. This isn’t the case. I’ve identified a few ways you can practice critical thinking in just five minutes a day. Even better, you probably don’t have to go out of your way. This might just become my newest staple addition to my to-do lists.

1. Watch the news, especially when they have pundits who speak to different sides of the situation. Listen to the arguments they make. See how they spin the same story differently.

2. Take an extra few minutes looking at advertisements (commercials, print ads in magazines or newspapers even pop up advertisements on the web). Try to identify the various persuasion techniques they use. Determine whether or not the advertisement is actually logical.

3. During your day look around for situations where you think critical thinking could help. My colleagues and I like to call some of these situations “critical thinking fails.” Think about what could be done to improve the situation but then try and understand why it is the way it is.

Go ahead; take five minutes to improve your critical thinking skills today! You can even cross it off today’s to-do list.

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Elizabeth Pauker-Silva

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  1. Claire

    Good tips, thank you.

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