When to Include Others in Making Decisions

This week I’ve had to make a lot of decisions and as I’m watching them play out, I find myself reflecting on the process.  Throughout all of this, my question has been, “when do I involve others in the decision process?” I’d like to propose that there are two key times this should be done.

According to the RED Model, you should seek alternative viewpoints to help recognize assumptions. The benefit of not only including others but listening to their viewpoints is that you deepen your understanding of the situation. Alternative viewpoints will allow you to see the situation from multiple perspectives, not just your own.

The second time I think it’s important to include others in this process is when you’re drawing conclusions. During this stage it’s important to ask others—especially those who don’t always agree with you—to critique your conclusions. These critiques may help identify problem areas of the decision and help refine the solution.

It’s not always easy to include – to welcome and genuinely listen to—others in this process but it could make all the difference. I’ve found that critically thinking yields all around better, more sustainable decisions.  In some cases this can make the difference between a good intention and a great decision.

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Elizabeth Pauker-Silva

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