5 Ways Great Sales & Customer Service Utilize Critical Thinking

It occurred to me that with such a decent size of our workforce in the States in sales/retail or customer service I should explore their critical thinking best practices. After much reflection both on my experience as a consultant but also interacting with sales & customer services professionals I have compiled a top 5 list.

5 Ways Great Sales & Customer Service Professionals Utilize Critical Thinking:

  1. Never make assumptions. When a customer asks for a specific product, it’s too easy to just assume they know what they’re doing and make a sale. Great sales & customer service professionals aren’t quick to assume the customer has done their research or has identified the best product for their needs.  Another major pitfall is assuming what a customer’s budget is. When it comes to customer service and sales, never make assumptions!
  2. Ask questions. You won’t get answers until you’ve asked questions. Thought it’s important to be respectful of everyone’s time it’s just as important to ask questions that identify their needs.
  3. Bring in multiple resources. They recognize they aren’t an island and value their colleagues, even their competition! Great sales & customer service folks aren’t reluctant to bring in additional resources when they don’t have all the answers.
  4. Don’t get emotional. Customers get emotional. Great customer service and sales people keep the conversation objective. They acknowledge the person’s emotions but bring the conversation back to the goal.
  5. Draw a conclusion. They don’t let someone walk away without all the resources needed to make a decision. Don’t get me wrong, a sales person should never make the decision for the customer but they should be a catalyst for making a decision.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Elizabeth Pauker-Silva

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