New Study Shows Impact of Smoking on Critical Thinking

A new study published in Biological Psychiatry revealed additional concerning findings related to the impact of smoking cigarettes.  They found that the brain of smokers indicates a thinning of cortical thickness.  Cortical thinning is known to result in reduced intelligence and impaired cognition. They have also found that cortical thinning is related to lower impulse control (thus feeding addictive behaviors) and poorer decision making.

The impact of smoking on cortical thinning has been shown to be more devastating with high volume and a longer history of smoking.  So, the longer you smoke and the more cigarettes you smoke, the more you impair your ability to make decisions.

Thus far, no studies have examined whether cessation of smoking can stop or reverse cortical thinning.  Nevertheless, if you needed one more reason to stop smoking today- this is it!

Does this study surprise you?

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Editor’s Note: Breanne Harris is the Solutions Architect for Pearson TalentLens.  She works with customers to design selection and development plans that incorporate critical thinking assessments and training.  She has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and has experience in recruiting, training, and HR consulting.  She is the chief blogger for Critical Thinkers and occasionally posts at ThinkWatson.  Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter for more of her thoughts.

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