3 responses to “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Decisions: Credit Union Will Pay Despite Government Shut Down”

  1. Lesa

    I am so glad to hear that some organizations have leaders who are honorable and compassionate. Would that Congress take note and offer our servicemen and women and their families the same support. Donate their continued salaries to those who are making the real sacrifices for us.

  2. RK

    No doubt, the Service Credit Union deserves applause. It great to see that they are putting their profit motive behind and putting the customers ahead of everything.

    I know that some of the great companies of world have shown the similar considerations before. For example,when Merck decided to freely distribute their Mectizan to the countries & people; and when they freely distributed Streptomycin to Japan after WWII, they walked on the similar guiding thought. The long-term consequences of such actions are not always clear, but somehow I think they always pay off?

  3. Margo McCann

    When I moved the reason I began even researching credit unions in Oklahoma City was I was told of how they cared about the customer and not just the money. I have found over the last few years that there are a lot of great things…especially like this (how they will always pay off.)

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