6 responses to “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Decisions: My Insurance Agent”

  1. Billy Kirsch

    I’ve realized fairly recently, that one of my favorite aspects of what I do is the relationships I build with my clients. I hadn’t been so aware of this until the past year, but honestly I miss my clients after we’ve finished working with them. People always seem surprised when we offer more than just what the scope of our services our, but that’s what makes it fun.

  2. Chris

    Thats awesome service! Good customer service goes such a long way, great service blows me away!!

  3. RK

    See folks, you are right when you say that the bar is too low now a days. But it is what Customer Service & customer focus is all about. It was heartening to see that some individuals are going for extra length in troublent time. Don’t you think that the corporate leaders must put such heroic examples to their customer-facing executives & managers? Shouldn’t they be encourage to do the same?

  4. Marketing Products Reviews

    Am looking foward to your next post!

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