7 responses to “The Day I Said “I Love You” to a Starbucks Barista”

  1. Chad Fife

    Routines help us stay productive (and they are essential when raising kids!). I think the key is to not get stuck in the same routines, but to think well in between them and create better ones. So go ahead and stay on auto-pilot at Starbucks. Treat it as recess for your brain to ponder bigger things.

    1. Breanne

      Good point Chad. There are plenty of great reasons that routines are efficient. I have a routine of checking all of the doors in my house to make sure they’re locked before I leave the house. I also go around and turn off all of the lights. That routine helps me secure the house and save electricity.
      However, when we’re set in our routine we also don’t question what we could be doing better. I guess it’s a balance between saving our brain’s mental energy and making sure we’re open to new variations on the routine.

  2. Sandy

    You never know how much that barista needed the “love” boost. I forget the exact statistic but we receive something like a 5 to 1 ration of negative comments for every positive one in the workplace.

    I’ll bet you don’t actually go to another Starbucks. You can trust yourself to be able to handle seeing that barista again. Maybe your ritual morning dose of love will make that person’s day.

    Thanks for a lovely reminder about the effects of auto-pilot!

    1. Breanne

      Hi Sandy!
      The very gracious barista just laughed when I said “Love you too!” She said “well that’s a new one!” :)
      Then she told me about how when her husband used a Nextel for work, he got in the habit of answering that phone by saying “Go ahead” and often accidentally answered his personal cell phone the same way.
      You’re right…I probably won’t drive to another Starbucks, but I will definitely blush the next time I see her! Maybe I’ll just make it my inside joke with her. :)

  3. Lyn Hoyt

    This was a really funny post. I had the SAME thing happen to me at a meeting with my web developers a few years ago. A guy in the meeting said it within the same context as your auto pilot love remark wrapping up the closure of a meeting. It registered to me. I know my brow furrowed a look of “that was odd.” Then we moved on like it never happened. I just did not acknowledge it and I think he was relieved. I was not quick enough to go tongue and cheeky… telling him I loved him back… not that it really would have worked in that context. I saw it as a level of comfort and routine to be able to go on auto pilot. I knew he was not thinking… and still find it amusing.

  4. jennifer

    I ended a routine phone call with my ex one time with “OK, love ya…”

  5. Stephanie @MingleMediaTV

    Routines are good – for me, as a sailor, we need a routine for system checks before leaving port and when returning – you don’t want to run into problems that you could have prevented in the middle of the ocean.

    With that said, I have found myself being over exuberant with service providers at times and to see their reaction… well, let’s just say, sometimes changing the routine will help save face.

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