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Top Critical Thinking Blog Posts of 2012

Top Critical Thinking Blog Posts of 2012

It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re probably spending some time reflecting on 2012 and planning resolutions for 2013.  We are reflecting today on the top posts we published this year.  Our resolution is to bring you even more great critical thinking topics like these: Want Better Thinkers in Your Organization?  Take the Spelling Bee Approach […]

Psychology Experiment or Critical Thinking Failure?

Watch this short video from Jimmy Kimmel as he asks people if they can tell the difference in the quality of coffee during a taste test.  The results are amusing, but also disturbing.    

70 Great Critical Thinking Questions

In each step of the RED Model of Critical Thinking, the key is to ask questions. Asking questions helps us look more deeply at the issue, break it into parts, find blind spots and lack of data, and make the best choice.

Here are 70 questions to help you boost your critical thinking:

Need to Think?  Go Outside

Need to Think? Go Outside

Where do you do your best thinking?  While taking a shower?  While driving?  Or maybe you do you best thinking while relaxing before bed. Have you ever said “I need to take a walk to clear my head”? Based on a new study, there may be some science to support the idea that you do […]