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  1. Baron Chandler

    Forgive the irony just this once, since I’m lazy and I don’t really publish a blog of my own (perhaps I should)… this has been a common thread of discussion as to why many people – especially in the tech sector – just don’t do comments. It seems strange to some folks, but MG Siegler, John Gruber, and others all make the point that they love well-reasoned discussion, but ask that people reply on their own blog. It makes sense.


  2. Karla Porter

    All good advice Breanne – I’ve had a few aggressive, ignorant comments posted on my blog over the years. I don’t moderate comments and I comment back and leave them there for the consideration of others. Most people are reasonable and intelligent and can identify someone who isn’t, rather quickly – as in this case. It’s my opinion that individuals who use a screen name and make inflammatory remarks are not interested in personal growth, serious opportunity to influence or educate or gain respect from subject matter experts, peers, etc., and most likely have a slew of non-correctable issues at the root of their actions.

  3. Buzz Rooney

    Great post, Breanne!

    It’s natural when we read something that we disagree with to respond disagreeably. However, mature people will take a moment to calm down and breathe and think carefully before responding — if they respond at all. There are many times where I’ve read something and I choose to email the person privately to express my concerns or disagreement. Occasionally, I address it on my own blog — but I make about the idea and not the person. I think of it like “calling someone out” in public — it is always best to pull someone aside than to make a scene.

    The internet makes people bold in really unhealthy, unproductive ways. I read Laurie’s post early in the day so I didn’t see this comment. Now I want to go back to see her’s and other responses to JF …

  4. Joan Ginsberg

    What a great post, Breanne! It reminds me that I have been very lucky, since any comments that have disagreed with my post have been exactly as you teach – thoughtful and reasoned.

    My oddest comment was a political comment that had nothing to do with substance of the post, but was a comment against a person I had mentioned in it, and came months after the post. My response was to blog about the comment and discuss free speech. Anything for a blog post idea. ;-)

  5. Susan Avello

    Very good post and something we can all use a refresher course on. However, now I’m wondering why I don’t get too many of these kinds of lame comments on my blog. Perhaps it’s just not that interesting :) Thanks for all you do.

  6. Rachael

    Funnily enough as I commented on the post that Laurie created BEFORE the wellness programs – the minute you get personal YOU LOSE – that is the final boundary…

  7. Char Psychology Tutor:Mentor

    I’ve not had a rude comment on my blog, but get them occassionally on FB discussion sites. Recently I was told that I “live under a rock” and am “niave” (on the basis of the responder CHANGING what I actually said, despite my sentences being in text above his.

    My response was, “Acnowledging your need to belittle people, and stepping over it….” and “the key word in my sentence was ‘more’”.

    He doesn’t comment on my input anymore ~:-)

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