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  1. Char Psychology Tutor:Mentor

    I disagree, I think you offer some good insights into How to prep for the test in a short time~ focus on what is a strong argument, how to determine what data is relevant or not to an argument, how to determine if sufficient information is provided to reach a conclusion and how to be aware of one’s own assumptions as well as assumptions within an argument.

    e.g., I googled “how to identify assumptions in an argument” and chose this piece of reading http://philosophy.hku.hk/think/arg/hidden.php

    1. Breanne

      That is a huge compliment, Char! I really appreciate it! We do try to teach basic critical thinking skills here based on the RED Model and hope that those lessons transfer into everyday life. Thanks!

  2. Char Psychology Tutor:Mentor

    You deserve it! And I get to apply some of that critical thinking you are helping me to continually practice as a life long learner ~:-)

  3. LarryH

    There is an inherent weakness. I just looked at a “sample” question.Even understanding they supposedly don’t exist… without definitions of how they mean some words, you can get it wrong from thinking TOO critically (that is, desiring more information). Example: Some paragraph implies MOST people do something. Then the question is approximately do “some” of the people do that thing. Well, a higher-level critical thinker could wonder whether it is “false” to say that “some” people do that thing, because it is implied that MOST people, not “some,” do that thing. But they don’t phrase the question “Some or a majority…” or “A majority” and there’s no where or no one to ask the question about the distinction.
    So that distinction can be something you potentially learn by researching the test.
    Whenever someone says “you can’t study for that” or “you’ve studied enough” my mind immediately rejects. There is always more to learn if you continue to study or research.

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