4 responses to “Top Jobs for Critical Thinking”

  1. Alex

    The infographic is too small to read!

  2. Mikel

    Hey Alex, stop being a retard and click on the image, it enlarges.


    To the poster:

    Have you actually performed work in each of these fields? No? Then how would you be able to rank them?

    You can’t without experience in those fields. There’s no way you could possibly quantify “critical thinking” in each field with some structured scoring criteria or actual experience.

    In your infographic you list “police detectives” in the blue “More Critical Thinking” narrative, yet chart them in the “Some Critical Thinking”.


    You can’t even keep your own information straight. It took me about 40 seconds of looking over your graphic to catch that, yet you made it.

    This infographic is worthless and completely subjective. How do I know this? Because I have worked in all three “levels”.

    You expect me to believe that a sports coach requires more critical thinking than an engineer? An engineer’s job is to solve HARD problems every day, every hour they are at work.

    1. Janet Reinhold

      Well, you are a true dick.

  3. Melody R Oliver

    Anger management anyone?

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