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Upcoming Webcast: Building High Potential and Next Generation Leaders in 2012

On March 28th, 2012 at 3pm EDT, Human Capital Institute will host a Webcast delivered by Bonnie Hagemann and Scott Dannemiller entitled:

Building High Potential and Next Generation Leaders in 2012: Trends and Hot Topics

Bonnie and Scott (of Executive Development Associates) will cover the latest trends in leadership, critical thinking, talent development, training, and human resources.

Here is an overview of the Webcast:

As baby boomers retire, the stakes are higher than ever for developing leaders in 2012. Learn how leading-edge companies are developing their high potential and emerging leaders and the major competency gaps these next generation leaders have to make a successful transition into the C-suite. We’ll share updated, research-based revelations from our recent Trends in Executive Development survey that provides a blueprint for learning professionals and leaders to develop their workforce for the future. This webcast will include the most significant trends in High Potential and Emerging Leader Development, the major competency gaps of next generation leaders, and which strategies work most effectively to accelerate development and prepare rising leaders for the challenges ahead.  Finally, we will take a deep dive into and demonstrate how to develop the competency of Critical Thinking, a foundational skill for new leaders. We’ll end with a Q&A session with a senior line leader for a large publicly traded company who delivers best practices in driving learning throughout his organization.

Participants will learn:

  • Strengths and Competency Deficits of Next Generation Leaders including Strategic & Critical Thinking
  • Development Strategies and Practical Tips for How to Address Critical Competency Deficit
  • Best Practices and Programs of Leading Edge Companies

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