4 responses to “Critical Thinking and the Presidential Election”

  1. Bill Carson

    This is a really good list of tips for election-time decision making. The suggestion to be aware of one’s own confirmation bias when emotions are strong is especially useful and could be extended to apply to the full range of tips in the list.

  2. Jemma Taylor

    Critical thinking is loaded as very useful and influential but there is one hole in that argument. To think and unwind yourself completely and have an unbiased opinion is NOT achievable.

    I know these days colleges are teaching that big time but I just think it is one more farce in a system like ours where we are told that we have a million choices…all we ever need is clean politicians and there is easy way to get them , have a clear conscience!

  3. Pat

    Very underserved process by political parties, consultants, and political marketing, not to mention the public, to get good, sound, and moral leadership – local, state, or national, or even within the regulatory framework, and within the “learned” professions!

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