Psychology Experiment or Critical Thinking Failure?

Watch this short video from Jimmy Kimmel as he asks people if they can tell the difference in the quality of coffee during a taste test.  The results are amusing, but also disturbing.



One response to “Psychology Experiment or Critical Thinking Failure?”

  1. Jon

    Someone who has a better handle on the vocabulary of psychological experimentation can probably find better words than these, but it strikes me that this “experiment” has anchored participant responses by informing them in advance that they were sampling two specific things (an expensive Starbucks coffee vs. a less expensive one), which led them to adjust their perceptions accordingly.

    Had they been told nothing about what they were tasting (or told something entirely different, like they were comparing caffeinated coffee vs. decaf ), you would have likely seen results that reflect these anchors vs. what people were actually putting into their mouths.

    I would also withhold judgment on the results of this test (which seems to be demonstrating the gullibility of the public vs. coffee quality) until I saw how many responses weren’t funny enough to include in the final TV version (and were thus left on the cutting room floor).

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