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  1. Willard Stumpf

    On the subject of innovation and creative thinking there seem to be two opposing theories. One says “think outside the box” and as a result of a 6/15/13 article in the Wall Street Journal, the other theory, not only at odds with the first theory but 180 degrees apart, says “Thinking Inside the Box”. Their findings to paraphrase are:

    1)Subtraction – Remove seemingly essential elements.
    2)Task unification – Bring together unrelated tasks or functions.
    3) Multiplication – Copy a component and then alter it.
    4) Division – Separate the components of a product or service and rearrange them.
    5) Attribute dependency – Make the attributes of a product change in response to changes in another attribute or in the surrounding environment.

    Your comments will be appreciated. I see it this way. Thinking “inside” or “outside” the box requires a certain “mindset”, which takes different skills and qualities that each one of us possess. Your comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Granat On

    An intersting way to support critical thinking is working on several projects at the same time. Comparing qualities and content by intuition and experience allows a deeper insight into meaning.

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