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  1. Rudy Haugeneder

    Sierra Leone Ebola ‘spreading like wildfire’ — by Al Jazeera

    Charity says five people are being infected every hour with many dying anonymously at home or in the streets.

    Last updated: 02 Oct 2014 13:54

    Five people are being infected with Ebola every hour in Sierra Leone and the rate is expected to double by the end of October, the Save the Children charity has warned.
    Justin Forsyth, the chief executive of Save the Children charity, said on Thursday that “the scale of the Ebola epidemic is devastating and growing every day”.
    “We need a coordinated international response that ensures treatment centres are built and staffed immediately,” Forsyth said.
    Ebola in places like Sierra Leone has begun doing to West Africa’s population what measles and smallpox did to Native American Indians after the diseases were introduced, often intentionally spread, by the European military invaders and colonists– almost wiping out the once tens of millions native populations.
    And that’s perhaps why the West and Asia have been watching rather than intervening as Ebola expands. Like happen to North America’s indigenous population, other nations and races want Africa vacated of Black folk so it is open to mass colonization and unhindered resource exploitation. 

    Now that Ebola looks to be slowly spreading worldwide as illustrated by the first American case found in Dallas, Texas, everybody else is starting to take notice and have begun clamouring for ways to halt the epidemic and save themselves — Ebola has an up to 70% death rate.   

    However, soon it will be too little and too late to halt its spread, or the spread of a similar lethal disease with global pandemic possibilities.  The new disease may come from South America where jungles are being rapidly and dangerously deforested, or even the result of some bio-chemical and/or GMO experiment that explodes out of nowhere in the West.

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