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Predicting Job and Academic Success with Watson-Glaser

Many studies show a positive relationship between Watson-Glaser scores and various job and academic success criteria. I’ll highlight a few. Organizational Success:  In one study, Pearson found that for 2,303 job incumbents across 9 industry categories, Watson-Glaser scores correlated .33 with job success as indicated by organizational level achieved. This means a high Watson score can often predict who will […]

Beware of These Common Cognitive Biases

Beware of These Common Cognitive Biases

If critical thinking was easy, everyone would do it. Every day we are faced with cognitive challenges to effective thinking. From emotions to unchecked assumptions and ambiguous data, we constantly make decisions without applying the rigors of critical thinking. Cognitive biases are frequent barriers to rational thought and effective decision making, but we are rarely […]