RED in Real Life

Examples of good and bad critical thinking and making decisions with the RED model!

Strategic Thinking Activity:  Disaster Preparedness

Strategic Thinking Activity: Disaster Preparedness

As an ominous winter storm approaches the East coast today, disaster preparedness and strategic thinking are on my mind. Are you prepared for the worst case scenario?  On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you for a natural disaster, home fire, disruption of technology, or even a car breakdown? Preparing for a disaster requires […]


Predicting Job and Academic Success with Watson-Glaser

Every organization wants to know their new hires will be successful. Many studies show a positive relationship between Watson-Glaser scores and various job and academic success criteria. I’ll highlight a few below. Organizational Success: In one study, Pearson found that for 2,303 job incumbents across 9 industry categories, Watson-Glaser scores correlated .33 with job success as […]